Product Development
29th March 2018

This year we will be attended some of the south west’s largest agricultural shows including the Royal Cornwall Show and north Somerset shows. We have had an invitation from Multimax Direct to showcase our new All-in-one cutting disc and “Quick Dry” Zinc Phosphate Red and Grey Primer paint.

This year will be exclusively based in the southwest for testing, however depending on the results will be expanded in the rest of the UK ready for the exhibition season next year for further updates on this join our free newsletter.

One of the main objectives is to reach more customers and show the great partnership we have with Multimax as we work side by side to increase Brand awareness and demonstrate product quality. Showing that cutting disc can be used for all materials not just standard steel or stainless but for aluminium and concrete. That the drying time can be decreased with the quality of the elements being present in the paint, for further reading on this you can look at the product development article.

Customers will have opportunities to buy at reduced exhibition rates to sample the product and spread the word. We will also be promoting the new and improved Rüstung website which adds so much value to the brand. With Multimax Direct having the exclusive online rights to the brand, this will enable future customers to buy through their channel which is at

A secondary objective is to create the opening for offline retailers to see what we have to offer for reselling, to improve the distribution network and increase brand awareness and further advocacy this can also be done by checking our socials on Facebook and Instagram plus if you have any ideas on what events to attend drop us a line.

At the end of the 2018 season Multimax direct will be raffling off a fully loaded toolbox for your chance to be in the draw head over to their site and fill in a form. If you are attending any of the agricultural shows in the south west or have further knowledge about them, let us know or give us feedback on your thoughts…. See you there.

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