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29th March 2018
Black Edition Tool Cabinet
19th March 2019

Rüstung are using innovation to improve outstanding products to make for easier application for the consumer and to save time. Through extensive testing we have designed and manufactured products that we believe in that are exceptional and long lasting. As a brand our mission is to be the benchmark in automotive and workshop consumables.

Our new all in one cutting disc enable the user to cut a various amount of materials without changing the disc to save time and to make cutting steel and stainless a lot more effective. This has been vigorously tested to ensure quality when cutting without leaving any “pits” in the cut for further welding or application. Cutting disc are usually only used for stainless steel due to the iron and sulphur content however we have adapted our cutting disc to guarantee high performance with added life to safeguard the consumers budget.

Over the coming months we will be expanding the cutting disc from our all in one discs and long life grinding disc to our new flap disc which we aim to improve through the consumers feedback, which you can leave in our mailbox.

The new Quick Dry Zinc Phosphate primer is anti-corrosive which is crucial for successful application of any high-performance paint, this is integral to many maintenance and repair arrangements across the industrial building, renovation, and commercial property sector. Directly applying paint to areas that are unprepared can cause the topcoat to not successfully adhere– meaning the whole paint job which is being applied will need to be completely stripped, with high expenditure, reapplied to a newly prepared surface.

To save time, money and the headache ensure all metal surfaces that are to be painted have been correctly prepared and primed. This will furthermore increase the full lifespan of the product – colour guard, Sun and waterproofing and improve the brand.

Firstly a primer is the main component of a surface, substrate or material’s preparation before it is painted with a topcoat. Once a area has been stripped of all dirt, grime and rust, a primer should be used for better adherence of the paint to the surface. A new and/or bare material should require a primer for extra protection to seal and bond. Using the Rüstung Quick Dry primer will produce an elevated level of durability that will last for years without discolouration or any aesthetic degrading.

Topcoat adhesion to metal surfaces has inferior hold to porous substrates, such as wood or masonry, and in most examples, paint can form very little grip with the metal surface as it dries and cures. Rüstung primer will block this by creating a necessary layer and allowing for a smooth, level and even paint topcoat application – as well as improved coverage. Untreated or exposed metal surfaces have a sheen, shine or gloss to them – which can make it terrible for standard paint to adhere to. Steel, or more specifically, stainless steel, will not allow paint to adhere to it. A primer will create the bond between it and the paint.

Rustung Primers are frequently picked based on their anti-corrosive qualities for naturally demanding environments – agricultural buildings and equipment, chassis, framework and much more.

With our Primers currently coming in two colours of red and grey the option is yours to find out more sign up to our free newsletter or follow us on our socials.

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